5 Facts about Breitling

5 Facts about Breitling

1. Was the first chronograph in SPACE!

Most of us know Omega is famous for their moon watch, but Breitling made the first chronograph to go into space, outside of Earth's atmosphere.

Astronaut Malcolm Scott Carpenter wore a Breitling Cosmonaute in 1962 during his mission on the Aurora 7 space capsule.

2. James Bond wore one!

That's right, 007 is best known for his Rolex and most recently Omega, but he did (Sean Connery) actually wear a Breitling Top Time chronograph in Fireball... his additional complication courtesy of MI6 - a built-in Geiger-counter to measure ionised radiation levels.

3. Breitling released its iconic Navitimer in 1952

Breitling's most iconic timepeice is arguably the Navitimer!

It was launched in 1952 and it was ahead of its time due to the fact it could handle all the calculations required to fly an airplane.

4. Breitling's emergency watch has saved more than a dozen lives

Breitling was the first to launch an Emergency wrist watch with an integrated emergency beacon and since 1995 it has proven a lifesaver many times over!

5. Breitling name on dial

The Breitling name didn't appear on the dial until the late 1920's, more than 40 years after it was founded by 24 year old Leon Breitling. Why? Because branding was not a thing back then!


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