5 Facts about Panerai

5 Facts about Panerai

1. Panerai and Rolex

Panerai watches (except GPF 2/56) were made by Rolex and Giovanni Panerai produced the dials. The luminous featured was rendered through Radiomir, a highly radioactive radium-based self-luminous compound, and later was changed to Luminor, a compound activated by tritium - and harmless.

2. Panerai launched to the public in 1993

Panerai was a military watch provider. When they ceased providing watches to the Marina Military they turned their efforts to the public market where it was more cost effective no longer needing to meet the rigorous demand of the navy.

3. Founded in Florence, Italy

Founded in Italy, by Giovanni Panerai, who also had the first watchmaking school in the city of Florence.

Today they are made in Switzerland and this is shown on the dial where it now says: "Swiss Made".

4. Radiomir watches were the first to use plexiglass

Panerai released the Radiomir in the 1930's with plexiglass, because where glass crystals in watches may shatter this was not the case with plexiglass - making it a clear choice for the diver watches that Panerai made for the frogmen.

5. Panerai made watches for the Italian and German navy

As you may know, Panerai are famous for being Italian watches and has supplied them to their Navy, but they have also done the same for the German Navy - used in WWII by the Nazi combat swimmers - remembering that back then Italy was an ally to Nazi German under Benito Mussolini.



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